Your own blood is used to regrow your hair.PRP is effective for men and women.Before and After Shot #1Before and After Shot #2Before and After Shot #3

The Secret of Renewal is Within You…

Using your own blood, our therapy can naturally and safely increase hair count for men and women. Elements that have been processed from your own blood stimulate hair growth when re-injected in your scalp.


As part of a research study, we are the only facility in Northeast Ohio that will be offering this unique hair growth treatment. Our medical procedures are performed by a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

Within three months, 87% of our patients see results and increased hair counts. This treatment is not associated with risk of allergy or infection.

You’ll receive a suite of comprehensive services designed to resolve hair loss from the inside out. What you spend for PRP Hair Restoration is long lasting and natural.

We use Precision Laser Therapy low level laser therapy as a follow on treatment to ensure the success of PRP Hair Treatment injections.